Review of Instagrimoire//Fax Screen Sect: The Cancellation of Graham Greene, Volume 1: Tales from Orthographic Oceans, or: A Room with a View (Self-Portrait in a Concave Mirror with Interior Landscape & Key to the Scriptures) by Justin Isis

“The Ghost of Hana Kimura” is one of the finest poems I have read anywhere in a long time.

These are utterly unique, rereadable, poignant statements about our times. Dissectable, dense glimpses into a mind steeped in the light of liminal “inner flame.” Landscapes of the cyber-dead, and the obsolete kings of our renown. A hallowed and unholy godlike goading toward bleak imperatives. A harrowing and stylized recording of your exact search history. Don’t gloss over this Snuggly Slim; savor its timely dispensation of wit and esoteric terror.

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