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How to Survive a QuarantineGuest Blog Post2021The Soares Protocol Page4/22/21
The Assassination of Olof PalmeContribution2021Corona/ Samizdat2021Paperback only. Anthological novel.
THE ARDENNovel2021Black Rose WritingPaperback, ebookNext Generation Indie Book Award Finalist
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Essential IdentitiesInterview2020The Collidescope5/3/20
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“Chapter 5” of UNDERTONESExcerpt2020Commuter Lit1/6/2020
UNDERTONESNovel2020Black Rose WritingPaperback, eBook
“Chapter 5” of UNDERTONESExcerpt2019Bewildering StoriesIssue 835
Book Review of Sea Above, Sun BelowReview2019Newpages Blog11/4/2019
“On UNDERTONES”Interview2019The Collidescope11/17/2019Removed.
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LonelinessPoem2019 Red Fez Issue 129
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ECHOES FROM DUSTSerial Novel2019Bewildering StoriesIssues 802-8334th Quarterly Review 2019
How to Train Your SlimeFlash Fiction2019Bull & Cross, Havok3/20/19, 6/12/19
Hollows of the Milky WayShort Story2019Aphelion, Red Fez, Chrome BabyIssue 240,Volume 23
June 2019
L. Ron Hubbard Writer’s of the Future Contest, Honorable Mention. Story of the Week (Red Fez)
The Prototypes of Shade TownShort Story2019Bewildering StoriesIssue 800
 Stars, Hide Your FiresShort Story2019Bewildering StoriesIssue 7971st Quarterly Review Award 2019
Hey YouShort Story2018Bewildering StoriesIssue 7931st Quarterly Review Award 2019
AbsinthePoem2018Bewildering StoriesIssue 784 4th Quarterly Review Award 2018
The Windmill Walked AwayPoem2018Bewildering StoriesIssue 786
Stack of SunsetsPoem2018Bewildering StoriesIssue 782Annual Review Award 2018
BuriedPoem2018Bewildering StoriesIssue 780
NostalgiaPoem2018Red FezIssue 114
What They Found in the ForestShort Story2018Bewildering StoriesIssue 7743rd Quarterly Review Award 2018
Sounds of WinterPoem2018Bewildering StoriesIssue 7773rd Quarterly Review Award 2018
Scarecrow DreamsPoem2018Bewildering StoriesIssue 7693rd Quarterly Review Award 2018
Television EyesPoem2018Bewildering StoriesIssue 7622nd Quarterly Review Award 2018
Anthem of My American YouthPoem2018Bewildering StoriesIssue 7612nd Quarterly Review Award 2018/ 2018 Annual Review Award
Eve in the Belly of the WhaleShort Story2017Bewildering StoriesAnnual Review Mariner Award 2017
The Heart of CygnusShort Story2017Bewildering StoriesIssue 7424th Quarterly Review Award 2017
The Last Meeting of Intelligent OrganismsFlash Fiction2017365tomorrows8/30/2017
The River WaitsShort Story2017Bewildering StoriesIssue 7051st Quarterly Review Award 2017
CandlesPoem2017Big RiverPrint edition only
The Tale of Nathaniel RavendrakeShort Story2017Bewildering StoriesIssue 679
“Past Intern Update”Article2013Superstition Review Blog1/31/2013
Dream-ribbonPoem2011Canyon VoicesPrint edition only
No Words ComePoem2011Lux Undergrad MagazinePrint edition only
Fulminatin’ DustPoem2011MaroonedFall 2011, print ed. only