Review of Butcher’s Crossing by John Williams

Brutal, Bloody Realism.

Impressive in every way. While Williams’ old-fashioned style suits the atmosphere of this tense book, his sentences are florid in places. But the graphic depictions and tangible grit make this journey unforgettable. It reminded me of the film Wages of Fear.

I mourn the millions of buffalo hides rotting on the plains. It conjures the majesty and the devastation of nature. The horrors of human nature are but the tantrums of children in the face of Mother Nature’s cataclysmic spasms. You cannot read it and walk away unmoved. Like Robinson Crusoe, it is a story of Man surviving in an inhospitable space, reduced to animalism, while gripping the last shreds of his dignity like a ravenous wolf, starving for the promises of wealth and power with which we keep ourselves sane. 

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