About and Contact

Sumi the devourer of grass/ messy roommate

The goal is to publish enough books to fill an entire bookcase… And then to reread them as senility sets in.

L. S. Popovich is the author of UNDERTONES and THE ARDEN (Which was a Next Generation Indie Book Award finalist). They have always been a cat person (a person who like cats, not a cat human hybrid).

They have always believed that at least one room of the house should be completely crammed with books. (Other rooms should contain scattered piles.)

Their short stories and poems have appeared in Chrome Baby, Havok, Aphelion, Bull & Cross, Red Fez, Bewildering Stories, The Ansible, 365Tomorrows, Commuter Lit, Farther Stars than These and other secluded places on the Internet.

Aside from reading and writing Science Fiction, Fantasy, Noir & Magical Realism, they enjoy long walks on short beaches, black coffee on the rocks, and level grinding. They have been known to draw on occasion, play the drums with questionable frequency and proficiency, engage in furious bouts of table tennis, and travel. They use an IBM Model M and a HHKB Pro 2 and reside sometimes in a town called Sutomore.