The Arden, a Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist, is available now at Amazon

This dark, environmental fable is a thought-provoking strange trip that I didn’t want to end.” – David David Katzman, award-winning author of A Greater Monster

Our First book, Undertones, available at Amazon

“If instead of writing fables Aesop wrote a kind of noir novel with a soft spot for jazz then Undertones might be just such a book. L.S. Popovich’s creation is a zoological romp through conspiracy and intrigue. This is a world populated by beings that literally lick their wounds, beings that have been wrenched from their original nature and now must adapt or die in the forced bipedal life that seems all too familiar to our own struggles. L. S. Popovich, our modern Aesop, has written an extended allegory that is as educating as it is entertaining.”– George Salis (author of Sea Above, Sun Below)