Review of Frankissstein: A Love Storyby Jeanette Winterson

Just great, bold, immersive writing. 

The various perspectives sustain their storylines and characters through intense and quiet moments. Introspective, but with plenty of dense, quippy dialogue. Outrageous sex doll business planning discussions, Mary Shelley in bed with P. B. Shelley, pillow whispering poetry. Humans as monsters and monsters as humans. Redefining humanity through AI, ungendering, and objectification. The future consequences of the liberation of consciousness, the soul, and transhumanism.

The audiobook could’ve benefitted from a de-esser plugin. Winterson’s creepily frank and provocative approach is steeped in literary lore, a strong sense of purpose in her oddball characters, and the convolutions of her prose, comparable to Delillo.