Review of Tales From the Liminal by S.K. Kruse

Tales from the Liminal showcases a hearty handful of hilarious and poignant tales for every occasion, tales full of personality and pizzazz, modernistic flair and quirky humor, clever situations described with aplomb and enough literary extravagance to enlighten the most jaded reader.

Equipped with charming illustrations, each easily digested episode scratches my itch for effective storytelling and memorable images. A lot of the time the author zeroes in on fascinating details to add a grandiose elegance to an absurd moment. Her fast-paced narration lassos in cultural references and old-fashioned laughs. The result is as enjoyable as Barry Hannah or Aimee Bender. These goofy tales do not lack sophistication, but neither do they rely on it. They are good, simple fun. The casual inclusion of bizarre happenings into the everyday lives of relatable characters remind me in a good way of something out of M. Night Shyamalan, which is just cheesy enough to work most of the time. If you like stories with a twist, or light-hearted comic bravado with an ounce of pathos, these are for you. They satirize social conventions and offer a fresh perspective on birthday customs, Schrodinger, small town America, and more. Each story makes use of a unique voice to delight and challenge the reader’s expectations. All of them are full of life and rich with well-orchestrated dramatic scenarios. An hysterical, joyful, and surprising collection.