Review of I Call Him HIM (I Call Him HIM #1) by Scott W. Kimak

Combining a quick pace with believable dialogue, the first-person narration has personality from the prologue onward, and builds tension with precise description. Though the perspective shifts, and we get many varied views of the skewed world of the book through the well-rounded characters, it remains a breakneck reading experience.

Mystery suffuses the setting and immerses the reader in a perspective outside history, with persistent signs of collapse intruding upon the characters’ awareness. The dark propulsion of the plot recounts the disturbing behavior of the enigmatic HIM and adjacent, key characters.

The writing style is compulsively readable thanks to the short chapters and frequent, action-filled twists. With a mix of motivation and desperation, the characters act in unpredictable, but always entertaining ways.

In the cinematic horror moments, the subtle world building is richly explored, and there’s never a slow moment. A couple snide moments sprinkled in undercut the dark, brooding tone of the narrative, and offer a relatable commentary.

The desolate world depicted makes for awe-inspiring set pieces, while switching viewpoints chapter by chapter offers new insights into the demon-haunted land, also showcasing realistic scenes of intimate lives and experiences, only to reveal dark intentions and the deeply flawed human nature underlying it all.

One is made witness to evil and intense battles, while progressing through this strange and compelling framework. The torment of men and demons who in some ways resemble one another may not be to everyone’s taste, but they make for an intriguing and quick read.