Review of Save the Cat! Writes a Novelby Jessica Brody

There are several types of craft books. 

You can start with The Elements of Style to learn how to avoid many grammatical issues. You can also just use ProWriting Aid. Then there’re structure books, like this one. Finally, there’re industry books, which contain contradictory information from what you read online and hear at writer’s conferences. I would rather trust what I hear from authors who’ve published the books I enjoy. As far as structure goes, this book is useful and easy to use. I have been a pantser before, writing without outlining. I have also outlined. You should decide whether you would rather plan before or rewrite after. Either way, books require rewriting, and adhering to a formula won’t prevent rewrites. It may lessen them, but there is no sure-fire method aside from proper re-writing, implementing feedback and making compromises.

There could have been fewer examples. It is not too hard to find your own. I recommend giving the book a try, along with the formula. Doesn’t mean you have to stick to it in your next draft. Whatever motivates you to write and rewrite more. Books come out in such numbers these days the last thing we need is generic writing. Not everyone can write Ulysses, that is, a book which relies on lyricism and subtext rather than plot. To capture an audience authors have to give the reader reasons to read and keep on reading, and this guidebook can help you get started.

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