Review of Into the Violet Gardens by Isaac Nasri

In this very near-future s-f novel, cyborgs and cartels battle it out amid a powder keg political imbalance.

The author provides prose rich with details of setting and character that easily communicates the suffering common to human experience, which constitutes the novel’s beating heart.

Making use of tried-and-true thriller trappings, realistic dialogue, and a multi-layered plot, rather than portraying a generic dystopia, it depicts the very world we live in with a few minor tweaks to make us realize how dystopian it already is outside our windows.

Carried along by relatable characters, the quick-moving scenes will keep you turning pages, among set pieces of brutal violence and cinematic battles, epic in scope. It is grounded in gritty realism and the shifting perspective offers a thorough storytelling lens through which the reader can easily discern oodles of subtext and context. The expert incorporation of technology helps to portray the devastating trials of warfare, while still maintaining an intimate tone with intense focus on movement and action.

The world building, characters, language, action, science fiction elements, and political themes are all well-done in this one-of-a-kind thrill ride.

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