Review of Sleepwalk by Dan Chaon

Dan Chaon honed his catchy thriller-esque atmosphere into a tense road novel reminiscent of Philip K. Dick’s off-kilter weirdness and soft-dystopian Straw Dogs-style manhunts.

An addictive read with dark undertones establishing the prescient consequences of social media, drugs, cloning, the morals of biological and artificial relations and other deep and relevant stuff. Yet, the close first person perspective focuses the lens on a flawed hero, whose descent into the Inferno is appropriately brutal. Somehow manages to come off as heartfelt amid the bleak and blasted remains of a landscape fertilized by American corpses.

One thought on “Review of Sleepwalk by Dan Chaon

  1. Eclectic novels can do well if there is a solid core of a storyline to it. Think of it as a power cable wrapped in waterproof rubber. The inner world is electric transmitting. The outer world is protective. That is the power of a core-built novel with an eclectic rubber lining.

    — Catxman

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