Review of A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

This book is a synthesis of subtle magical realism, well-rounded characters, and straightforward storytelling. 

I love learning about Japanese history and culture and this novel reminded me of that love. Ozeki provides snide commentary, learned context, surprising twists, humor and pathos. It contains ample literary chops and old-fashioned family drama charm. She is an excellent audiobook reader, and adds a lot of texture to her performance. All-around her writing becomes an irresistible and heart-breaking novelistic voice through clever narration and balanced analysis of modern societal problems. Very close in technique to vintage Murakami.

My one gripe is it contains yet another explanation of Schrödinger’s cat. I’ve lost count of the times books and teachers and television and movies have explained it to me. I get it already.

I will be reading the rest of her books now.

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