Review of The Altimer: An interactive story (Entram Book 1) by Samuel Isaacson

In this choose-your-own adventure tale, I was treated to an atmospheric second-person perspective narrative combining interactive game elements with fiction. It provides opportunities to do character creation, stat assignment, etc. and is coupled with excellent artwork.

With a concise and professional presentation it starts off quickly and takes little time to set up or get into. Due to its immersive playability, and multiple routes, you can easily replay/ reread, while making different decisions and choosing separate routes.

I found the backstory intriguing with its retro futuristic feel, quick-paced plot, and beautiful illustrations, all of which served to enhance the reading experience. You are presented with choices which branch through story fragments. Get your dice ready.

The puzzles are integrated into the quirky narration and came as an interesting surprise. All of the game elements are implemented well with the realism and modern writing style.

It could very well be that this is the next step in literary experimentation, but at the very least it is a break from the traditional books crowding my shelves, which so often retell the same stories in familiar ways.
By drawing a higher level of engagement from the reader, the author has provided a distinct and memorable product.

While some paths lead to a swift ‘Game Over,’ you will inevitably find out more detail and nuance upon a replay. One of the things I liked most was how the characters inhabit the fictional world like NPCs, but set the scene and converse with you in a way that feels authentic.
Entertaining in a fresh way and not to be missed if you are a fan of science fiction and role-playing storytelling.

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