Review of The Body Artist by Don DeLillo

ISBN 074320395X (ISBN13: 9780743203951)

A sensual, hyper-real Delillian song.

Donnie’s poetic prose lilts in sustained focus through ghostly sibilance, sinusoidally evocative and throb-inducing.

A brief encounter and a drawn-out epiphany. An instant under a microscope reveals such texture as the merely human eye cannot perceive.

The hero of this novel is the author. Its heroine a quintessential artistic martyr. The protagonist embodies human transformations, encounters death, stews in it, and with palpable empathy, construes it into art.

Should an artist live in the world of their art? The story might have elapsed forever, unfolding into silent voids. The book is haunted, beware, but its slow regard of human animals will thrill like any previous susurration from the pen of this American maestro.

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