Advanced Praise:

If instead of writing fables Aesop wrote a kind of noir novel with a soft spot for jazz then Undertones might be just such a book. L.S. Popovich’s creation is a zoological romp through conspiracy and intrigue. This is a world populated by beings that literally lick their wounds, beings that have been wrenched from their original nature and now must adapt or die in the forced bipedal life that seems all too familiar to our own struggles. L. S. Popovich, our modern Aesop, has written an extended allegory that is as educating as it is entertaining.”

George Salis (author of Sea Above, Sun Below)

“I really loved Undertones for so many reasons. It has all the makings of a contemporary but timeless classic: a lot of good world-building, well-developed characters and a compelling mystery. It made for quite a fun experience and an uncanny setting. The book has great pacing, and doesn’t rush through anything too fast, while still managing to pull off many thrilling moments throughout. I especially loved the wit and comedy scattered throughout the story. This book impressively has a society with its own set of laws and values. It was a lot of fun reading through, and it’s full of surprises at every turn.” – Rebecca McNutt, author of Bittersweet Symphony


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Release Date: 1/2/2020

Dane was a reliable guitarist until he got addicted to ants. Now he’s just a giant anteater with an abysmal grade point average. On a date with lead singer, Serena, they witness a gruesome incident. Waking up in the hospital, Dane realizes Serena’s missing. Going to the police only gets him a felony for possession of ants. Now, forced to lick the habit while he tracks down Serena, he’s going to need a little help from the band.

Investigating familiar watering holes (while stopping for one or two drinks) leads him to an underground criminal organization. Is it a coincidence that a feline fatale attempts to recruit him for the mob? Should he expose the dirty underbelly of their society, putting Serena and his band on the line, or try to take them down from the inside? Either way, it’s going to take more than the Komodo dragon on clarinet.