For the benefit of literary agents, query letters are provided below.

The following novels are complete:

Their Story, The Pale Goliath, & The Memory of the Patchwork Man


Query for The Pale Goliath:

The Pale Goliath is the story of a fledgling detective of the supernatural who either needs to find a real job or get to the bottom of the rabbit hole before it’s too late.

What choice does Leo have since his imaginary friend from childhood has recruited misfit ghosts and made away with his electric supercar? He can only rely on his father’s money and absence for so long as cryptic fortune cookies and mysterious postcards goad him on a wild goose chase to discover the underlying meaning of his life.

Not only is his girlfriend worried when he starts following the advice of a homeless man with “prophetic powers,” she wonders why he’s become best friends with an origami artist who’s been squatting in a time-share. It must have something to do with the cult of the Superorganism, which promises wealth and immortality to anyone willing to sacrifice…

By gaining independence and a following of his own, Leo might just stand a chance against the sinister science fiction writer at the head of the cult that hopes to resurrect the primordial Superorganism and forge the dystopian world of his imagination.


Query for The Memory of the Patchwork Man:

What happens when an arsonist falls in love with a bibliophile?

The Memory of the Patchwork Man is an unconventional love story and a 95000-word magical realist novel that explores how our memories can be both deceiving and revealing.

Theo is an English professor who prefers literature to real life. Nicolet, the secretive woman he has fallen in love with, seeks to destroy the books that rule him. Burning his lifelong collection catches his attention, but it also inadvertently creates a portal into his mind. He has been living in two places at once: his daily life, and an insular world controlled by the mysterious Patchwork Man, a world where life is created from Humanity’s collective memory. When Nicolet disappears, he realizes he must search himself (literally and figuratively) to get her back.

While the Patchwork Man attempts to recruit Theo as a curator of the realm of memories, Theo follows the trail of Nicolet’s burned diary and discovers she has been burning away his own memories of her. To live a normal life Theo has to be willing to forget.