Editing Services

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No project is too large or small.

My editorial feedback will take into consideration the writer’s intentions as well as the targeted audience. Authentic voice is not easily arrived at, and editing never ends. We are constantly evolving individuals, and writing is a subjective art. Committing to the process involves heartfelt and often ruthless feedback. Some literary conventions are indispensable, while others can be discarded depending on the synergy of the piece.

You will save a lot of time and heartache by getting deep editorial feedback early and often. But not everyone has the boon of a competent (or honest) writing partner.

When editing, I always keep one thing in mind. 99% of sentences are missed opportunities to thrill and engage your reader. That means I will treat each sentence like a puzzle to solve, unlocking its true essence and potential.

Above all, I will listen to your story, feel its pulse, guide, support, and encourage you. But I won’t say something works if it clearly does not. Real editing is rare in the small-publishing and self-publishing world, because it takes real work, and only those who are serious about their career are willing to invest real money in it. In a professional capacity, I’ve encountered hundreds of manuscripts in the wild. And the most common denominator is an overwhelming sense of “there is room for improvement here.”


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